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Important Things to Look For When Choosing a Commercial Real Estate Agent

The road to selling, buying or leasing a commercial property is a bumpy one if you navigate it alone. When it comes to commercial real estate transactions, you need an experienced advisor to facilitate the guidance. As more and more investors venture into the commercial real estate market, the number of emerging commercial real estate agents is tremendously increasing.

The kind of real estate agent you choose to handle your transaction will significantly affect our bottom line. The goal of this article is to help you narrow your search and find the very best agent to handle the business for you. It will discuss four important things that you ought to look for when interviewing potential candidates.

Experience in Commercial Deals

Is your real estate agent a residential broker moonlighting in the commercial market? Find out the percentage of commercial transactions that an agent represents each year so as to determine their experience in commercial real estate. Look for an agent who works exclusively or specializes in commercial real estate properties. This will give you the assurance that they are familiar with the intricacies involved in selling/buying as well as marketing commercial properties.

Level of Education

Like selecting a lawyer or a doctor, it should be in your interest to do a little research on the educational background of the person you shall select as your real estate agent. With a real estate agent license, one can legally sell any type of property, but they might lack knowledge in selling a particular type of property.

Most real estate agents will further their studies so as to become competent in a specific type of real estate. As such, it is advisable to ask your prospective broker what advanced education they have in commercial real estate. Professional commercial real estate agents will have the designation CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member), to indicate that they have trained in commercial real estate.

What Marketing Materials Does the Agent Use?

If you are selling a property, you must consider the type of marketing materials used by your prospective agent. A competent commercial real estate agent should have a cohesive and professional brochure and signage program. Read through their past brochures and find out if they were successful.

So as to achieve success, a real estate agent must have access to a broad cross section of commercial properties in his region. If you are looking to buy a commercial property, you want an agent who has knowledge of all the properties in the market. On the other hand, if you are selling a property, you want your agent to know all the places you can market it. To achieve this, a commercial real estate agent should be a paying subscriber of commercial real estate databases such as LoopNet and Catylist.

Professional Associations

Reputable commercial real estate agents belong to professional organizations and they have strong networks with other professionals in the industry. With this, they are able to quickly find out properties in the market and to pitch their listings. Aside from that, they attend educational events organized by professional organizations. So, ask about the professional associations that your prospective agent belongs to.

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Top Advantages of PVC Pipes in Transportation Industry

Due to its excellent performance, PVC pipe generates many benefits in transportation industry, automotive industry, and electronic industry. In transportation industry, it is mostly used because it is vulnerable to underground external corrosion, as well as internal pipe corrosion. For that reason, to get started, and buy good PVC pipes that can meet your transportation expectations, you should consider a reliable polymerprocessing company such as s&e polymer processing company to offer you the service.

polymer processing company

As compared to metal pipes, plastic pipes offer efficient transportation of liquids, and there are no blockages associated with PVC pipes transportation. Before you consider a reliable polymer company such as s&e specialty polymers to offer you the service of these plastic pipes, learn to know the advantages.

Chemical resistance

In this case, PVC pipes exhibit excellent resistance to a wide range of chemical reagents and disinfectants. For that reason, they are highly suitable for liquid infrastructure, because they can convey strong acids, alkalis, and aqueous solutions effectively. Therefore, reliable experts for s&e polymer production plant recommend the use of PVC pipes in transporting every sort of liquid.

Reduced failures and blockages

 Blockage is a major problem that affects many pipeline systems in the world today. If not controlled properly, blockage can be costly and cause serious damages in the end. Slow flowing of liquids through a pipeline can cause blockage, and it can lead to great failure of a pipeline system with many connections. Therefore, the extreme smooth lining of a PVC pipe as compared to concrete, clay or copper pipes, reduces liquid flow resistance, and ensures the products reach their intended destination with proper pressure. Due to free flow of substances, there are reduced sewage build-ups as well as waste water systems.

Lower cost

As reliable experts for specialty polymer processing company suggest, PVC pipes offer significant cost saving for projects. This is because, during installation, low breakage rates and life cycle costs are highly considered. In addition, the longevity of the pipes also means that PVC pipes work efficiently, and there is reduced maintenance and repair, making it more affordable over time.

On the same note, as polymer swindle is highly rising in the current days, it is advisable to consider a reliable polymer processing company such as s&e, whenever you need any polymer products.

PVC pipes – best pipeline choice for pipe under load

In this case, PVC pipes are so flexible and can flex without breaking when loaded externally from soil weight and heavy-duty traffics. This is contrary to rigid pipes such as concrete and clay pipes, which are unable to flex, and can experience wall crushing and collapse when their load limits are reached.

 It is also important to note that, when a PVC pipe encounters an external load, its diameter tends to deflect, and when it is buried in a supportive soil condition, the stiffness of the soil together with the pipe’s stiffness can defend the deflection. In the light of these benefits, a PVC pipe outweighs other brand of pipes in efficiency, faster transportation among other relevant features.

For more information on a reliable polymer processing company such as s&e specialty, visit

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Benefits of Hiring a Trial Lawyer

If a lawyer were to tell you that he doesn’t need to go to court to resolve your case, you would probably assume it is a real thing. However, that’s not how things are done; a legal firm such as Cummings Manookian PLC is prepared to do everything in its power to fight for your rights. In fact, the most promising choice is to push the case for a trial and strive for the charges, before the jury and the judge instead of trying to resolve the case via plea bargains.

A plea bargain is achieved when parties in question, negotiate with the prosecution side, where the defendant is urged to plead guilty to the charges brought against him, so as to get reduced sentencing. It has usually proven to be fruitful in some scenarios, but in other cases, it is used by trial lawyers as a way to avoid litigation. If you are looking for a lawyer to help you successfully fight your cases in the court, you need to hire a reputable law firm such as Cummings Manookian PLC – a legal team that will ensure that you get the dismissal your deserve.

How a trial lawyer can help you

A good trial lawyer understands that your defense is extremely time sensitive and the sooner you hire a Cummings Manookian PLC lawyer, the better because it will give the sufficient time to work on your defense and strengthen it. A legal firm can offer pre-charge investigations in some situations and ensure that you are protected from charges. If you have been charged with a crime before, however, it does not matter you can still get help from a trial lawyer.

There are very many ways in which a trial lawyer can approach and handle your defense. A good example of a great strategy is to prove to the judge and the jury that there was police misconduct in your arrest. Under the Nashville law, a police officer must not violate the right of the person he is arresting, even if he is being arrested for the major crime. The rights must be read to a suspect before he is arrested “you have the right to remain silent” as well as the right to a trial lawyer.

When you are arrested for criminal conduct, you have the right to remain silent so that your words cannot be used in a court of law against you. If the police officer pushes you to the point of forcing you to say something incriminating or something else, you could still complain about police misconduct and fight your charges. Furthermore, you have the right to get a trial lawyer- this means that you should have legal representation and legal counsel as soon as you can so that your case is handled professionally.

Contact Cummings Manookian PLC, if you have been arrested in Nashville, for a crime. For many years, the legal team at this firm has worked relentlessly on many cases to defend clients from convictions.

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A Guide on How to Survive a Tax Investigation

Dealing with tax investigators can be very stressful and can lead to an emotional roller-coaster ride.  In the first few minutes of realization – after opening the letter from the taxman – denial and terror are common reactions, followed by bitterness and regret. Because of this, it’s paramount to take a comprehensive tax investigation insurance which will cover for the costs that you incur during investigation. While you’re looking for a good insurer, here are tips to help you survive a tax investigation.

Stay calm

Handling tax can be very complicated, so you need to stay calm and look for a financial adviser such as a tax investigation insurance expert. You need someone on your side, someone who has vast experience in handling tax investigation issues and someone who knows everything about the taxman.

Do not destroy your evidence

Hiding or removing all your documents may lead the taxman to assume something fishy is going on. If you have not been keeping records, ensure that you get replacements such as your bank statements and work with your adviser to come up with estimates to fill any gaps.

Seek clarification

If you don’t understand certain questions, seek clarification from the tax inspector. According to law, tax inspectors are supposed to work amicably with the clients so as to resolve a dispute.

Do note over promise or under deliver

If you can’t meet deadlines, contact the revenue and explain your circumstance and agree on another timescale. Remember, if you continue to miss your deadlines, you are increasing penalties and this may lead to demands for more information.  Similarly, if you wish to pay your debt in installments over a stipulated period of time, inform the taxman and be truthful about when you can. Avoiding payments can lead to serious consequences.

Don’t assume

Never assume. For instance, that the tax investigator doesn’t know about your offshore bank accounts. The revenue authority has vast amount of information in custody, and can still get more details from third parties all over the world. Therefore, if the investigation agency is scrutinizing your financial reports, then it is for a reason. If your returns have errors, don’t assume that is the only thing that the revenue authority is interested in; the revenue authority would want to know if the same error occurred in the previous years.

Be honest

If you suspect that there is something wrong with your tax return don’t hesitate. Talk to the taxman upfront. It is vital to disclose all the relevant information regarding your tax return. If you fail to disclose all the facts, this will not only lead to more penalties, but you may even face charges if a criminal investigation is launched.

To avoid issues with the tax authority, why don’t you take tax investigation insurance? With tax investigation insurance, all the costs that come with tax investigation will be catered for, by your insurer.   To buy a policy, talk to experts from Accountancy Insurance – this company is known for offering affordable covers to clients.  Visit their website for more information.

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Things to consider while selecting shop fittings

The indispensable need of all retailers worldwide for proper utilisation of shop space has led to the growth of shop fittings industry. A reputed shop fitter can understand as well as manage space of a store in a way that it looks beautiful and serves the purpose as well. The process of getting appropriate shopfittings in Sydney begins with the analysis and measurement of the available space and then finally preparing the model.

Now if you are planning to set up a retail store, it can be much more challenging than it seems to be. First of all, you would require a proper scheming of the list of tasks to be undertaken. After buying the space and stock of products to run the business, you would have to face another share of investment in buying shop fittings. Since this is supposedly a one time investment, you must be judgemental before choosing one. So you must make a few considerations before selecting one:

Shop premise and floor plans: These are perhaps the most critical factors as no good set up will turn up if the shop isn’t located in a busy high street. After you have chosen the shop, your next task would be to scheme out where do you want to set up important pieces like aisles, counters, displays and shelves. If you are new to this sect, you may well take up professional help to make the most out of your shop space.

Shop themes and design work: These factors solely depend on the kind of products you are planning to sell. You are likely to get plenty of options in shop fittings and displays regardless of what your business is. The reputed shop fitting suppliers can provide you with an endless number of options to choose from. Next, depending upon the type of things your store has, you will have to set up the store front. For instance, if you are planning to set up a bedding store, your shop fittings must reflect a peaceful ambience whereas a sports shop must mirror action and movement.

Accessibility and time required: These influence your choice of shopfittings in Sydney. Though everything you choose would be dependent upon the type of business you are willing to run,  yet all must have one thing in common: Accessibility. You would never want your customers to tumble over the exclusive pieces or things meant for selling due to lack of space for movement. So a shop has to be easily accessible for the customers so that they can walk and see everything easily without hurting themselves. So after you have decided which piece would be incorporated to decorate your shop, you must ask your service provider about the timescales required for the shop fit.

Budget and asking for a quote: No matter how beautiful and elaborate designs you choose for the shop, your budget shall decide the extent of its realisation. So it is better to decide that first and then go for choosing the shopfittings in Sydney. There are some experienced shop fitters who can help you to decorate your shop even within a tight budget. You may go to a number of service providers and listen to their suggestions and compare prices. Select the one you are most comfortable and confident in. Consider all the aspects each shop offers you; do not base your decision solely upon the pricing even when you have budget constraints.